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The Internet has enormous video and audio, you can use the right software to record them. Required only little or no cost, you can capture almost all you can see or hear things. Recordstreaming.com website describes how to use the best available software tools to record video stream and capture audio stream.

What is stream media?

Streaming media technology enables the real time or on demand distribution of audio, video and multimedia on the Internet. Popular streaming media systems have "Windows Media Services", "Helix DNA Server(Real Media)", "Flash Media Server", "Darwin Streaming Server", "SHOUTcast", "PeerCast", "Icecast".

Otherwise, P2PTV refers to peer-to-peer (P2P) software applications designed to redistribute video streams in real time on a P2P network.In a P2PTV system, each user, while downloading a video stream, is simultaneously also uploading that stream to other users, thus contributing to the overall available bandwidth.

Streaming media protocols have:

  • HTTP

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